DIAMANTE 2.2 Tennis Ball Machine smartphone / tablet control

The Most Advanced Tennis Ball Machine In The World

Made in Europe

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Diamante 2.2 Tennis Ball Machine Smartphone / Tablet control

The Most Advanced Tennis Ball Machine In The World


- Controlled by a wireless system through an App for smartphones / tablets (no need for

  Internet connection).

- Remote control start/stop button

- Ball speed range: 20km/h - 150Km/h.

- Any type of regular size tennis balls: mid, pressurized and pressure-less

- Ball basket capacity 240 balls

- Spin: allows you to set n.10 top spin levels, n.10 back spin levels and flat shot

- Manual Functions: allows you to pick a precise spot on the court and select any kind of speed, spin

  and ball feeding in fractions of a second or a sequece of n.2 spots

- n.20 Horizontal and n.40 Vertical positions make this machine the most precise machine in the

  market from an unhuman power to a very slow ball, close to the net or a winning lob

- W/A/N Functions: It's a short cut button that allow you to set immediately the classic drill

  forehand-backhand in pre-set positions Wide - Among - Narrow

- Portable: 28kg and small dimensions
- Includes n.1 removable battery 2h to 5h (as an optional direct power supply DC for best performance)

- 2 years limited parts Warranty

- Solid and reliable aircraft aluminum and fiberglass construction

- Made in Europe

- Superb quality and reliability at an affordable price


- Free access to all optionals

- Drills Random Button: allow to set memorized drills randomly

- Drills Sequence Button: allow you to set memorized drills in any sequence combination

- Program Functions: allows you to set up to n.10 programs of any n.16 spots on the court and

  independently set speed and ball feeding timing in fractions of a second between every shot. 

  All programs can be memorized into the App

  Memories can be added as optionals

- Ramdom: allows you to send balls randomly in a selected vertical or horizontal radius or both together

  and select any kind of speed, spin and ball feeding in fractions of a second


- Memory Drill Description: allow you to memorize drills with players names, date and derscription


- Back/Top/Speed between shots: allow the machine to set different settings as back/top/speed

  between shots €200,00

- Short cut drills button settings: allow you on a drill to move single settings altogether €220,00

- Elevator for serve: allow the machine to SERVE with an elevating system up to 2,85mt €999,00

  (available from 2017)

- Extra removable battery €120,00

- Extra Long Life removable battery: double life of standard battery €199,00

 - Battery Charger: €50,00

- Direct DC connection transformer €250,00

- USB Rechargeable Plug: allow you to recharge your smartphone and tablet €50,00

- Warranty +2 years €250,00

- Warranty +4 years €400,00

- Warranty +6 years €500,00



- Memory keys:

(drills indipendently freely settable)

n.10 memory drills (n.16 spots) €80,00

n.30 memory drills (n.16 spots) €120,00

n.50 memory drills (n.16 spots) €160,00

n.100 memory drills (n.16 spots) €200,00

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