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Beach Tennis Rackets
After World War II, began the practice of a game with bat-like paddle tennis courts or with the flat wooden or plastic instead of strings, currently the most used materials in the beach tennis rackets construction are fiberglass, carbon and kevlar.
The game is played on a field of sand along 16 m and 8 m wide for the double, long 16 m and 4.5 m wide for the individual. The height of the net is 1.70 m in the center.
The beach tennis rackets is up to 55 cm long and its maximum width is 30 cm dish with a maximum thickness of 3.5 cm, its surface must be smooth even if they are allowed "holes" to lighten tool. The ball is very similar to but slightly depressurized tennis.
Easy to play for all, beach tennis is extremely difficult and spectacular as they increase the level of the players.



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