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6- Multifilament
Some years ago these tennis strings were considered the best strings on the market, with their general performances, until the arrival of Microfilament strings.
The structure with a Multifilament Center Core, with simple winding and outer wraps, are different from Microfilaments which are made with a Center Core Microfilament winding and outer Microfilament wraps.
High playability, comfort, elasticity and softness, allow a good sensitivity on the ball.
These tennis strings are highly recommended to players with elbow aches, suggesting them to string rackets with a low tension.
Very good for hybrid solutions combined with Co Poly tennis strings serie.
For optimal performances it is suggested not to tend them over real 25kg, because over this tension they would loose their elasticity which is the peculiarity of this kind of tennis strings.
If used with 1,35mm diameter their average durability is good.



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